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The Biggest and the Best updates for PUBG Mobile in 2020

The Biggest and the Best updates for PUBG Mobile in 2020

Livik Update

The Livik update was released on PUBG Mobile on the 7th of July 2020


 Duration of game ( Livik) +-15 Minutes

# of players in a game (Livik)

50-52 Players

Release date

7th of July


The players of the game really did not like the idea of small map of 2km x 2km with the player range of 50-52 player in a lobby and the length of the match, since they are use to games that take about +-35 minutes.

Well it didn't go so, these players did in fact enjoy this new map. Firstly the people who mainly focuses on rank loved it, why? Because since the game finishes quicker, you are more likely to get double of the rank compared to what you got on Erangel or any other standard map

New Vehicle

PUBG Mobile has added a new monster truck to the game


New Weapons

Finally... after a whole 2 years, the game has finally P90 in it, a weapon people wanted for so long. They were so kind that they released 2 more weapons, M1014 and MK12.

Personally, Livik reminds me of another game similar to PUBG, 'Fortnite.' The colorful map and details, with it's short duration of the game, I personally think that PUBG is trying to get Fortnite players into PUBG, 

New Era

The New Era update was released on PUBG Mobile on the 8th of September 2020

What are the Main Changes?

The visual of the sky, land, water, and vegetation was updated to look better and more realistic.

The structure and the outside looks of the buildings changed.
Some places on the map has changed such as prison, school, mylta power and military base.

There is a new lobby which has nothing to do with the old one. They do not even look similar.

I think New Era is the greatest update ever. The new map may be better and look more realistic than the old one but I prefer the old one. So many players did not like the new lobby at first because it was ‘confusing’ and 'odd' but once they got used to it everyone was happy with it. I think a lot of us missed the old Erangel and the old lobby.

    Payload 2.0

    The Payload 2.0 update was released on PUBG Mobile on the 8th of October 2020

    New Vehicle

    PUBG Mobile has added armor on multiple vehicles. Among them I think the helicopter really stands out, oh my, that thing is indestructible.  


    New Weapons

    PUBG has unexpectatly released 2 new Rocket launchers AT4 (a laser guided missile) and M202 (four barreled rocket launcher).

    PUBG knew what we wanted, even though we were not aware of what we wanted. These rockets are absolute beast, the AT4 is a master piece when controlled and guided properly, but it takes time.


    New Items

    PUBG is starting to really test out new and interesting stuff on payload mode. They have added an UAV, portable radar and a bomb suite, finally we won't die immediately to that stupid RPG's and M79's

    I personally think the new payload mode is much better that the old one. It is much more fun to play, the new weapons and cars are more usable. For me payload 2.0 is the best update in the Pubg Mobile history.


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