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Blue Shark PUBG Mobile gaming triggers controller

Blue Shark PUBG Mobile gaming triggers controller - ErkamsGadgetStore

Blue Shark PUBG Mobile gaming triggers controller

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restore computer mouse experience
Flexible installation, easy to install according to the customary installation location
Carefully designed
Beautiful structure 
Comfortable operation
Agile reaction. Stable shooting
IOS Android Applies, adapt to most models
Suitable for war shooting games for PUBG for Rules of Survival ect.

Please pay attention to whether the shooting button and the opening button position are aligned with the screen setting button, and the position is suitable.
Whether the phone case that is too thick is not working, the phone case is too thick, which may cause the screen to be out of reach and cannot be used.
Before the start of the game, you should assemble it in advance, deploy the appropriate position, and play the game.

Package Included:

2 x Blue Shark Shooter Button for PUBG Mobile 
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