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Flydigi Stinger Mobile Gaming triggers for PUBG/COD Mobile

Flydigi Stinger Mobile Gaming triggers for PUBG/COD Mobile - ErkamsGadgetStore

Flydigi Stinger Mobile Gaming triggers for PUBG/COD Mobile

Right and Left Primary Triggers

  • Fast Installation: CapAir Mapping Technology is developed to achieve connection without Bluetooth/further adaptation.
  • Physical Connection, No APP, Real Plug and Play. iOS & Android Supported: Support iPhone  and Android
  • High Frequency Click: Long Press for an 8 times/second auto tap on your screen.
  • Super Portable: Ergonomic design for secure and comfortable holding.

Power Up Your Shooting

Flydigi Stinger supports Auto mode (a faster way to shoot).

Using a combination of CapAir Mapping technology and built-in lithium active impulses that simulates a touchscreen auto fire of 8 times per second.

Long-lasting Standby time

Running out of battery power when you are close to a win is frustrating to say the least.

To avoid this, we upgraded Stinger’s battery life and improved it to 120 hours for those heated battles and long gaming sessions.

Fit Your Phone

  • Maximum Thickness: 9mm
  • Maximum Width: 82mm
  • The stretchable design fits your phone and locks it securely. You never have to worry about your gaming trigger coming loose from your phone when the battle is about to be won!


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