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Somostel SY-BT1615 Wireless Headphones (Blue)

Somostel SY-BT1615 Wireless Headphones (Blue) - ErkamsGadgetStore

Somostel SY-BT1615 Wireless Headphones (Blue)

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Voice & Vibration prompt for
Power on/off, incoming call, successful Bluetooth connected, battery low alert.
Stable and secure design that gently wraps around the neck without risk of becoming dislodged even amid the intense workout.

A single button to control the retractable wire for earbuds (pressing the retract button to pull the wire is for better wire protection than directly pulling it out). Wire length adjustable for each person’s needs, keeping away from wire mess no matter when and where.

Smart Neckband Design
The smart design stops you from having tangled wires, wondering how on earth to detangle them, snagging them on any item, or accidentally ripping the chord to a zip mail-function.

Perfect for your daily time.
With proper music, you can enjoy your working out time. Super 300mAh battery allows you never to worry about running out of battery. Just fuel your fitness and amp up your exercise with peak sound performance optimized for athletes.

How to use two devices:
1. Connect with the first Bluetooth device, then disconnect it.
2. connect with the second device.
3. At last, reconnect with the first one, and you will have them connected simultaneously.

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